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BPW-Iowa Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for the Business and Professional Women of Iowa guides and directs seven local organizations and the members at large who comprise the state organization. The officers are the face of the BPW Iowa organization that helps so many  women develop leadership skills, advance their careers, and that advocates for working women at the state level. Read their biographies on the page below.

President: Cathy Hines


Cathy is currently serving as BPW Iowa President.  She originally joined BPW in 1978.  With several interruptions to her membership due to career moves, Cathy still has nearly 20 years active membership.  She has served in a variety of positions including BPW Iowa Vice President, LO President, District Parliamentarian, State IDP Chairperson, State Recording Secretary, Foundation Secretary/Trustee, Newsletter Editor and Web Advisor. Cathy’s BPW Iowa goals for this year are to continue the organization’s forward momentum, preserve all that is unique and special about our BPW heritage, and continually evolve to meet the needs of the membership. Cathy truly values her BPW membership and all of the doors her association with BPW has opened. Cathy’s interests are varied and include her dog Zoey, UNI women’s athletics, crafts, Women for Good, lifelong learning and mentoring.

Vice President: Rev Jacque McCoy


Rev Jacque McCoy is an ordained pastor and Family Advocate Case Manager with the Muscatine County Salvation Army Pathway of Hope program.  Her personal mission in life is to engage in life-long learning opportunities that equip her to participate fully in community activism, bridging the gaps in the community that are rooted in socio-economic and racial injustice, and to empower others to be their best selves.   Jacque is active in several other community organizations.  She also serves as a Deacon at First Baptist Church. Jacque graduated from the University of Iowa school of Social Work & Religion and the College of Law. She has continued extended learning in not-for-profit management, mental health family peer education, financial literacy, and diversity equity, and inclusion.

Secretary: Lyn Tackett


Lyn joined Cedar Falls BPW in 2012 and has served as Secretary, Vice President and President.  She received her B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Biology as a McNair Scholar from the University of Northern Iowa.  Her research interests include ethnobotany, paleoethnobotany and indigenous healing practices.  Lyn received  the  Mary Ann  Bolton  Undergraduate  Research Award for her research project: Tracing Ancient Healing Practices Through The Hibiscus.  Lyn received her education in aesthetics from LaJames International College and is licensed in Iowa. She is certified in reflexology and full-body sugaring. She opened the Genesis Studio Spa in Waterloo in 2013.  Lyn and her husband, Joel, live in Waterloo.  They have two grown daughters and 8 grandchildren.

Treasurer: Kristie Konz


Kristie has been BPW Iowa Treasurer for thirteen (13) years. She has been a member of BPW since 2000 and has held all offices at the local level. Kristie was also the secretary/treasurer for the Southwestern Region for four years. She has witnessed many changes and revisions during her time with the organization. Kristie is currently working with the BPW Iowa executive committee to implement a plan for members from disbanding local organizations to become Members-At-Large. Kristie and her husband Bill have three grown children and are blessed with 10 grandchildren.  Kristie retired in June 2014 from UPS and now has more time for their small farming operation. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, golfing, and attending her grandchildren’s activities.