We are Business and Professional Women of Iowa

At Business and Professional Women of Iowa, we help women of all ages advance and enhance themselves professionally. Through offering resources such as seminars, networking, scholarships, legislative advocacy and community awareness and involvement, we support women’s working lives.

BPW Iowa helps all women in the workplace

Whether you are just starting your career, are in the middle of it, getting ready to retire or are still in school, Business and Professional Women of Iowa is here for you. We advocate for women in the workplace no matter where they are in their careers. As long as you are a woman in the workplace, there is room for you at Business and Professional Women of Iowa. 

Membership in Business and Professional Women of Iowa

When you join Business and Professional Women of Iowa, you are getting involved not only for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of working women all over the state. Our networking events help you grow professionally and personally through finding opportunities for career growth and friendship. Our annual seminars and programs give you tools to grow your career. The informative programs allow you to hear other women’s stories and learn from them, and give you an opportunity to share. And our scholarship program gives hope to non-traditional students looking to boost their careers.

The cost of membership is low, and the benefits are high, so visit our Membership Page today to find out how you can join!

Benefits of Joining:

  • Network of women helping women professionally
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Seminars and programs to help you grow your career
  • Resources on the legislation that impacts women in the workplace
  • Community awareness and involvement
  • Opportunity to learn from other women or to teach others
  • Legislative advocacy for women’s issues in the workplace
  • Tools help you advance as a leader
  • Friendships made with other women

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